Why I Switched To ConvertKit

I’ve been on a mission of honesty with myself and discovering how important it is to listen to the true answer from deep within instead of making quick logic based decisions as my default go-to.

I’ve also been on a mission to simplify and minimize every aspect of my business and life to make room for what I love and what matters to me the most.

Building a Brilliant Business is more than discovering your own brilliance to share with the world, it’s also about streamlining it so that your brilliance is what comes through and shines forth so others can see it.

Making simplified and minimized systems around your efforts is what allows you to shine bright.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I love logic and practicality and everything that goes with them. But not all decisions are created equal the same as not all businesses are created equal.

Logically, when I moved over to Ontraport 2 years ago, it made all the sense in the world. They are a great all-in-one platform that has so many things built into it that you don’t need much else.

It’s an automation dream come true.

But after 2 years, I uncovered a lot of flaws that left me frustrated (one of those being the reporting and stats – it’s awful). Yes, things worked, and I love all of the features they offer, but there is so much room for improvement. And yes, they are constantly working on improving it and are doing a great job, but here’s the ultimate decision that led me to shut down my account…

I got super honest with myself on whether or not I needed an affiliate center right now.

After 2 years of halfway setting one up, I had to ultimately tell myself no. The price of the platform was not worth it for me at the moment.

The other deciding factor was that I need a membership area for my digital products. I’ve gone through a LOT of membership platforms trying this plugin out and that software out.

None of them are perfect, but I recently came across one that fulfills my desire for a beautiful interface, product display, and user friendliness for a great deal on AppSumo*, so my membership area got an overhaul (you can see it here) and I love it. Plus there will eventually be an affiliate center created for it, so I’m not worried about never having one. It will come and I’m sure I’ll be ready for it by then.

So, with the membership area no longer a factor (my original deciding factor Ontraport) and the affiliate center eventually getting taken care of, Ontraport essentially became my house for a few landing pages, and my list management system.

Releasing my attachment to how great their all-in-one system is, I became honest with myself about no longer needing it.

There are a lot cheaper options for great list management.

Enter ConvertKit*.

Now, I’ve been hearing about ConvertKit for a while and when one of my coaching clients recently moved to it, I started to pay attention. She kept telling me about how much she loved it and how easy it was to use.

This lead me to looking into it further.

In my research I found that they understand the kind of business I have. Part coaching, part sharing about my business discoveries and sharing them with you through the blog and email, which also includes products I create and affiliate links to products I recommend.

This is a big deal because, while most of the email platforms I’ve dug into encourage you to share your blog posts and products you’ve personally created, they don’t like it when you put affiliate links directly into emails you send through their software. Most will shut you down if you use affiliate links (and especially abuse) as it goes against their Terms Of Service policy around affiliate links.

I have found no such issues within ConvertKit.

Now, don’t get silly with it and send horrible spam emails that have no relevance to the type of business you run. That will send up red flags and still get you shut down because nobody like that. Email platforms, including ConvertKit, need to protect their integrity and relationship they have with the mail delivery hosts (like gmail) and ensure that your emails retain great deliverability.

This is why most of the other platforms have a strict policy put in place – for the dumb asses that have ruined it for the rest of us.

Thank you ConvertKit for understanding that we want to run legit businesses that also includes affiliate links to things we love, enjoy, and recommend.

ConvertKit also has all of the automation and workflows that I’ve come to rely on to create an email, tagging, and segmentation flow that appeal to my visual based brain.

Plus, they are super easy to use. Making the part of simplification and easification of my business that much better.

I started off with the free 14-day trial that they offer and have been loving the user experience I’ve been having. They have designed their platform in a way that when you click to edit something, it opens the next step in the same window, making it so you don’t have to open multiple tabs or lose your train of thought.

They call it Seamless Content Editing and it’s beautiful.

Seriously, it’s a joy to work inside the platform.

Here it is in action with my Weekly Writing Date reminder sequence so you can see what I’m talking about:

I was able to quickly migrate all of my lists and automations over from Ontraport to ConvertKit in a matter of a few days. It’s been the fastest and easiest migration I’ve done and it’s just worked for me.

Like my trusty car. I get in, turn it on, and just goes.

ConvertKit has helped me to streamline my email broadcast and automation system quickly and effectively.

If you’re looking for a new email platform that is easy to use, helps turn subscribers into buyers, and just works, give ConvertKit a try.

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