Human Design Chart Reading

Are you ready to learn about how you are designed to operate in this world? What your special gifts are? How you are uniquely designed to create and manifest?

Your Human Design Chart is your energetic blueprint and shows how you’re different and unique. Get to know what it is that makes you YOU and how you can start using it to create the business you’re designed for in this personalized 90-minute session.


BioField Tuning - Distance Session

Tuning Forks have an incredible ability to find stuck energy in your aura that were created throughout your life from events like trauma, anger, suppression, depression, anxiety, stress, fear, and many more emotions that take your light away from you. The tuning forks work with your body to harmonize these stuck emotions to help move them out and bring your light, bright energy back to you.

In a BioField Tuning session, we find those stuck places together and get them moved out. Each session lasts about 60 minutes, and we always work with what your body is asking to be worked on. They are done through Zoom from anywhere in the world.


One-On-One Coaching

Do you need clarity in your business with gentle and effective consistent accountability based on your unique magic, Human Design and inner authority?

Natalie can help you tap into your unique path in a way that only a Projector can do, and then help you put practical steps into place to start making it all happen. Whether it’s through step-by-step systems building, redesigning your branding, or creating new processes through what’s right for you in alignment with your Human Design, you’ll be in good hands.

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